How Long Can You Use a Phone With a Cracked Screen?

Can You Use a Phone with a Cracked Screen

Cracking your phone screen is inconvenient, but if your device is still functional, you may be inclined to ignore the problem. Many factors influence how long a phone can function with a cracked screen, but your device will eventually fail.

A cracked screen can harm your phone and you in various ways, so let’s look at some of the dangers of using a phone with a cracked screen.

1. Cracks can Spread 

You’re undoubtedly asking, “Will a cracked screen get worse?” after cracking your phone screen. Unfortunately, we have bad news: it will get worse. Even if it is just a tiny crack in the corner of your screen, you should know that cracks tend to grow, and your entire screen could soon resemble a spider web. Furthermore, a phone with a cracked screen is far more likely to shatter when dropped than an undamaged phone. It may not appear to be a major concern at first; even a minor crack might result in a broken screen rendering your phone useless.

2. It can damage the Touchscreen

Even if your touchscreen continues to function normally, this can and will change at any point. The touchscreen capabilities will be the first to suffer. Because the display eventually fails, your phone will take longer to respond to touch. As a result, accessing apps and sending emails and messages will be difficult. In the worst-case situation, your phone will entirely stop responding to touch! You may also notice an annoying behavior known as “ghost touch.” Due to the damage caused by the cracked screen, your phone may begin operating automatically without contacting the screen.

3. Eyestrain

A cracked screen makes it more difficult to see what’s on your phone, so you will miss the wonderful viewing experience smartphones are known for. Instead, you must strain your eyes while reading articles or messages, watching movies, or playing games to overcome the flaws. A cracked screen can be highly distracting when driving and using a GPS program on your phone; it can also be terrible for your eyesight. While trying to follow instructions on a shattered screen, you may lose focus and endanger yourself and others.

Can You Use a Phone with a Cracked Screen

4. It can Expose the inner parts of the phone

The screen shields your phone’s essential components. A cracked screen exposes your phone to damage from microscopic particles that can penetrate the cracks and reach your phone’s vital and delicate internal components. Dust, trash, dampness, and water may make their way inside your phone and cause significant damage. If you have a water-resistant phone, you should be aware that this feature is no longer available if your screen has cracked places. Even wiping your damaged screen with a damp towel is dangerous since even a few water droplets might ruin your phone if they get inside.

5. Glass Shards can cause Injury.

Keep in mind that a damaged phone screen is likely constructed of glass or acrylic. Because broken glass can have sharp edges, swiping on a cracked screen can cause cuts to your fingers, especially if the break is severe. Sharp shards of glass that can break off the screen when your phone is in your pocket, or purse could also injure your fingertips. Furthermore, microscopic glass fragments may fall off and become lodged in your fingertips. If you touch your eyes while using your shattered phone, shards of glass may end up in your eyes, which is something you don’t want to happen.


Screen Replacement: It is best to have your broken or cracked phone screen repaired as soon as possible. The repair service center provides excellent phone screen repair services and guarantees you will receive original replacement parts.

Buy a screen guard: If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to replace your screen right now, you can buy a tempered glass screen protector for your device.

Final Words 

A cracked phone screen is inconvenient. And now you know that ignoring a shattered screen is never a good idea because it exposes your phone to more harm, potentially resulting in even more expensive phone repairs. To avoid such an unfortunate circumstance, make sure your phone is covered BEFORE you break, drop, or unintentionally damage it.