How to Apply Tempered Glass Screen Protector without Dust and Bubbles?

how to apply screen protector

Bubbles underneath screen protectors are a common problem that many users face. The annoying air bubbles look unattractive and can also cause significant issues. Applying a screen protector without bubbles can be challenging. Unfortunately, bubbles can form even if you carefully apply a screen protector. The worst part is that you can ruin your screen protector entirely in the application process. 

This article is a step-by-step guide to applying a glass screen protector without dust and bubbles. 

Gather the necessary tools

To apply a screen protector, you must have necessary things such as microfibre cloth, soft adhesive tape, dust removal sticker and powder-free gloves. Gathering the essentials beforehand will enable you to apply screen protectors without bubbles easily.

Clean workspace

Choose a clean workspace to install a screen protector without bubbles. An environment free of dust is suitable for applying a screen protector. Choose a place with less dust and better lighting to work in, away from windows or fans that could blow dust particles onto the screen.

Remove your old screen protector

First, removing your old screen protector using your gloves will be handy to avoid fingerprints. Moreover, the glove will save your fingers from being cut if the screen protector is cracked. So peel off the entire screen protector.

Initial device cleaning

After removing the old screen protector, clean your cell phone’s screen. It’s a crucial step, as any dust, fingerprints or dirt in your display will be trapped under your screen protector until you change it. Use any mild solvent or rubbing alcohol by applying some to a soft, lint-free cloth and rub down your entire display, don’t pour stuff on the screen. While doing so, focus on areas where dust particles are visible and clean the edges, as dirt finds a way to stick in this area. While cleaning, you can use dust removal stickers or tape to remove any leftover residue; removing any dust or lint will be helpful.

Glass Screen Protector

Apply screen protector

After cleaning the device, remove the screen protector from the packaging.

  • The first step in applying a new screen protector is confirming its alignment according to the screen. For this sake, place the screen protector on the phone.
  • Remove the dust again with a dust removal sticker.
  • After removing the dust, hold the handle of the glass screen protector and carefully lower it to the screen. When ready, peel the film off from one end of your screen protector and place it on your phone. While applying the screen protector to your phone screen, peel away the rest of the film.

While applying the screen protector, be gentle and avoid pressing too hard, as it can create bubbles. If You use it right the first time, then it’s great. Otherwise, trying again with a fresh screen protector is a good idea. 

Remove bubbles

Once the protector is applied, if you notice any bubbles trapped under the protector, then gently lift the edges of the screen protector close to the bubbles with the adhesive tape handle. Then push the air bubbles toward the edges with a smooth credit card or the little squeegee that comes with your kit until it disappears. Do it gently, and don’t push down too hard, or you can crack your screen. Continue this process until all the bubbles are eliminated.

Final adjustments 

Check that the screen protector is correctly aligned according to the edges and corners, ensuring it fits perfectly on the screen. If the edges and corners are not aligned perfectly on the screen, lift it slightly with an adhesive tape handle and reposition. It will ensure your screen protector is perfectly aligned. 

Seal and secure

Once you are satisfied with your screen protector’s placement, press to the centre of the protector gently, allowing the adhesive to stick to the screen. While doing so, applying slight pressure from the centre to the edges will help secure the strong bond.

Hopefully, the instructions help apply the screen protector, but the techniques can vary slightly. Following the steps above can improve your chances of successful installation.