Top 12 Free Open Source PBX Solutions: Unleashing Communication Freedom

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In an era where digital communication is critical to business growth, private branch exchange (PBX) systems have become indispensable. These telephone network systems enable businesses to manage their internal and external communication effectively. Even better, the emergence of open-source PBX software solutions has democratized access to high-quality communication platforms.

Open-source PBX software provides cost-effective and flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes. They deliver robust functionality, unlimited customization, and community-backed support. This article explores the 12 best free, open-source PBX software solutions that can revolutionize your business communication.

1. Asterisk

Regarded as the granddaddy of open-source PBX software, Asterisk provides a robust platform for developers who wish to build custom communication systems. With its scalable nature, businesses can start small and expand according to their needs.

2. FreePBX

An offshoot of Asterisk, FreePBX takes the power of its parent platform and presents it in a user-friendly, GUI-driven package. It supports many features like ring groups, IVR menus, and conference calling.

3. 3CX

3CX provides a versatile platform that combines traditional PBX features with modern unified communication functions. It integrates well with popular CRM systems, giving businesses a unified view of customer interactions.

4. FusionPBX

FusionPBX leverages the power of the FreeSWITCH telephony platform. It provides an intuitive interface for managing advanced features such as call center services, IVR, and call recording, making it a favorite among many businesses.

5. Kamailio

If scalability is your key concern, Kamailio should be your go-to choice. This high-performance SIP server can handle thousands of calls per second, making it a perfect choice for large enterprises and VOIP service providers.

6. Elastix

Elastix combines the best Asterisk and FreePBX, along with its own features, to offer an all-in-one unified communications solution. It supports features like voicemail-to-email and automated call distribution.

Open Source PBX Software

7. OpenSIPS

OpenSIPS is a multi-functional, multi-purpose signaling SIP server. It offers high modularity and configurable scalability, perfect for businesses looking to establish complex communication scenarios.

8. PBX in a Flash

PBX in a Flash gives you a stable, customizable, and feature-rich PBX system. It integrates with popular open-source platforms like FreePBX and Webmin to provide an efficient, easy-to-use interface.

9. Wazo

Wazo is designed with the objective of innovation and openness in mind. It presents a simple, API-centric solution, making it a favorite among developers looking to integrate PBX with other business systems.

10. SipXcom

SipXcom provides a full-featured SIP PBX solution. It offers a centralized system that is easy to manage and reduces the cost of operations.

11. Issabel

Issabel offers a seamless blend of PBX, email, IM, and faxing solutions. It provides an intuitive, web-based management portal that simplifies the system’s management process.

12. VICIdial

VICIdial is a fully-featured outbound predictive dialer and inbound PBX system. It integrates with Asterisk, providing a robust solution for call centers of all sizes.


With the rise in remote working trends and the need for improved business communications, these open-source PBX software solutions are revolutionizing how businesses operate. Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise, or a VOIP service provider, there’s a solution tailored to your needs. It’s time to unlock the potential of open-source PBX software and leverage its power for your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main advantages of using open-source PBX software?

Open-source PBX software provides cost-effective solutions that are easily customizable, scalable, and backed by robust community support.

Is open-source PBX suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely. Open-source PBX software can be scaled according to business size, making it a perfect solution for small and large businesses.

Can I integrate other business systems with open-source PBX software?

Yes. Many open-source PBX software solutions provide APIs and support integration with popular CRM and business management systems.

How secure are open-source PBX software solutions?

Open-source PBX software solutions are generally secure, with active communities constantly working on improving security features. However, security also depends on how the software is deployed and managed.