Top 18 KissCartoon Alternatives

Sites like KissCartoon

If you’re a cartoon lover, you must have stumbled upon KissCartoon, a go-to destination for many animation fans. But, like all things on the internet, having alternatives at your fingertips is always wise. Dive into our list of 18 sites similar to KissCartoon that will keep you entertained and hooked.

1. Cartoon Network

A Classic for the Ages: Long-time animation fans will appreciate the Cartoon Network website. From “Adventure Time” to “The Powerpuff Girls,” they offer a medley of popular shows, old and new.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

Endless Choices: One of the most visited sites after KissCartoon, it provides users with a vast array of cartoons and animes, making it a fan favourite.

3. Toonova

Daily Updates: If you’re looking for the latest episodes immediately after they’re released, Toonova should be your pick. Their daily updates take a lot of work to match.

4. AnimeToon

Bridging East and West: AnimeToon isn’t just about anime. It also offers a selection of Western cartoons, offering the best of both worlds.

5. KimCartoon

A Familiar Friend: As a close sibling of KissCartoon, KimCartoon offers a similar interface with the same vast selection, ensuring a seamless transition.

6. CartoonsOn

Direct Stream: Simplifying the viewing experience, CartoonsOn eliminates complicated interfaces, letting users stream directly.

7. ToonGet

A Global Touch: With cartoons and dubbed anime, ToonGet provides international content that satisfies varied tastes.

8. CartoonCrazy

Binge-watch Galore: With minimal ad interruption, CartoonCrazy is perfect for those long weekend binge-watching sessions.

9. Boomerang

Nostalgia Trip: Hosting classics like “Tom & Jerry” and “Scooby-Doo,” Boomerang is a trip down memory lane for 90s kids.

KissCartoon for Watching Cartoons

10. Nickelodeon

Where Stars are Born: Dive into the world where famous cartoons like “SpongeBob” and “Avatar” began. Nickelodeon’s site provides hours of quality entertainment.

11. Disney Now

Magical Journey: Step into the magical world of Disney with classics and new hits all in one place.

12. GoGoAnime

Anime Haven: While primarily an anime site, its collection is so vast that cartoon lovers will find it hard to resist.

13. 9Anime

High-Quality Streaming: Known for its high-resolution content and user-friendly interface, 9Anime offers a premier viewing experience.

14. B98.TV

A Blast from the Past: Hosting classics from the 80s and 90s, B98.TV offers a cosy corner for the nostalgic soul.

15. ToonJet

Classic Cartoons: Dive deep into timeless classics with ToonJet’s curated collection.

16. OtakuStream

Community-Powered: Engage with a strong community while enjoying your favourite cartoons and animes on OtakuStream.

17. Cartoon8

Diverse Selection: From mainstream hits to indie gems, Cartoon8 has a selection that caters to every kind of cartoon enthusiast.

18. SuperCartoons

Simplicity at its Best: SuperCartoons lets the content shine free from clutter, providing a hassle-free viewing experience.


In the vast world of online streaming, these 18 sites stand out as champions for cartoon enthusiasts. While KissCartoon has been a dominant player, exploring these alternatives opens the door to new adventures, fresh content, and unique viewing experiences. Dive in, research, and rekindle your love for the animated universe!

Note: Always ensure to access these sites from safe and secure connections. Some streaming sites may have pop-ups or ads. Using an ad-blocker can enhance your viewing experience. Additionally, while these sites are popular, ensuring the legality of the content in your country before streaming is essential.