Ways to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issue on Calls

iphone sound not working

One of the annoying things is having the issue of no sound on incoming calls. Many times users might face the problem of sound not working on calls, which is frustrating. If you are an iPhone user facing the issue of no sounds on incoming calls, this article may be helpful to you. Try the following steps before contacting Apple support for help.

Check for any blockages

Most of the time, users can face the ‘no sound on incoming call issue’ if the receiver of their iPhone is full of dirt and dust, as in such cases, it won’t work correctly. So, ensure your iPhone receiver or speaker isn’t blocked or dirty.

Follow these steps to clear any possible blockage in your iPhone receiver:

  • Clean the receiver or speaker opening with a soft and clean brush.
  • Remove the case of your phone if it is blocking the receiver, as it might be the cause of the issue.

Ensuring that the receiver of your iPhone is clean in such a way can fix the sound issue if dirt is the cause.

Check the volume

Another thing to check is the volume is well adjusted, as in the case of a low-volume setting, you won’t be able to hear during calls. Sometimes the random movements in the bag or pocket can hit the volume control buttons causing the volume to get higher, lower or even muting your iPhone.

To fix your volume:

  • Tap the volume button on the right or left side of the phone. Press the volume up button to adjust your sound if it is lower.
  • Volume bars on the screen are also an option to adjust volume levels.

Ensuring volume levels are well adjusted can fix the issue if it’s the cause.

Toggle the ring/silent switch

In addition, if your iPhone has a ring/silent switch, try moving it forward so that the orange isn’t showing. You can accidentally enter Silent Mode using the iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch. If enabled, it can silence rings and notifications and affect other apps.

You can turn off this switch in the settings of your iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Sounds (or Sounds & Haptics).
  • Then drag the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ slider back and forth a few times.
  • Your speakers need to be serviced if you still can’t hear sound.

Turn off the Bluetooth

Another cause of sound not coming during the call is when your iPhone is connected to any wireless headset or Bluetooth device. So, turn off Bluetooth to disconnect any wireless speaker or headset from your iPhone.

To turn off Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings
  • Now Select Bluetooth
  • Now toggle Bluetooth switch to off
  • Doing so can fix the sound issue.

Upgrade the software of your iPhone

Sometimes your speakers don’t work during calls, which might be due to outdated IOS. Updating your iPhone might be helpful to fix the sound not working on calls if it is due to the outdated software version. iPhone updates give you access to new features and enhanced security and can even fix bugs. By default, your iPhone will automatically update. However, if the update does not work, that might be due to low space in your iPhone.

To do so

  • First open finder
  • Then connect your iPhone to the computer through USB
  • On the left sidebar of the finder, click.on iPhone under location
  • Now in the software section, select Check for update
  • Wait until the update is completed

Turn off the ‘do not disturb option

 If the phone is in “do not disturb’ mode, it can cause a sound not working issue on incoming calls. Following these steps to turn off the ‘do not disturb mode

  • Open the control centre by dragging your finger from the top right corner.
  • Now tap on ‘Focus.’
  • Tap on ‘do not disturb’ mode if it is enabled.
  • Or, You can disable ‘do not disturb mode by going into the setting
  • Go to the settings
  • then click on ‘Focus.’
  • Then ‘Do not disturb option
  • Now turn off the ‘do not disturb’ option.

Check any issue with the network

Sometimes if you hear static or crackling sounds on incoming calls, your network could be the issue. So try calling again later or from a different location in such a case.

Reset all setting

After following the above methods, you can reset all its settings if the issue of no sound on incoming calls persists. Doing so will reset your iPhone setting to the default state. Although reset doesn’t delete data, it is advisable to create a backup before trying resetting.

After following the above methods, the sound not working issue on calls might be solved. However, in some cases where none of the above techniques could solve the problem of your device, then contact Apple support to discuss the service options. It might also be due to hardware issues, such as a damaged iPhone receiver. In case of hardware damage, getting your device checked by an Apple retail store or Apple-authorised service provider is good.