Necromancer Class in ESO: Top Races Ranked for 2023

Race for Necromancer

The world of Tamriel is vast and captivating and offers endless customization in “The Elder Scrolls Online” (ESO). The Necromancer class, introduced in the Elsweyr expansion, provides players a distinct and immersive experience by commanding the forces of life and death. But with such a unique class, pairing it with the perfect race is essential. This article explores the top race choices for Necromancers in 2023, delving into stats, lore, and innovative gameplay strategies.

The Magic of Synergy

Before diving into our list, understanding the importance of synergy between your chosen class and race is paramount. The necromancer class thrives on Magicka and Stamina, depending on your playstyle. Thus, selecting a race that bolsters these attributes can significantly impact your effectiveness in PvE and PvP scenarios.

1. High Elf (Altmer)

Majestic Magic Masters

High Elves have always been famous for their proficiency in the arcane arts. Their racial skills boost their maximum Magicka, Magicka recovery, and spell damage – ideal for a Magicka-focused Necromancer.

Key Benefits:

  • Spell Recharge: Gain Magicka back when activating class abilities.
  • Syrabane’s Boon: Increases your maximum Magicka by a percentage.

Creative Gameplay: Use High Elf’s boosted Magicka reservoir to unleash devastating spells, combining traditional Altmer magic with the forbidden arts of necromancy for unparalleled arcane might.

2. Breton

Stalwart Defenders of the Magicka Realm

Bretons are the bridge between the arcane and the earthly, offering a mix of spellcasting prowess and hardy defense. This race is perfect for Necromancers who want to be in the thick of battle.

Key Benefits:

  • Magicka Mastery: Reduces the Magicka cost of spells.
  • Gift of Magnus: Offers a significant increase to maximum Magicka.

Creative Gameplay: Bretons excel in situations where sustained spell-casting is required. With reduced Magicka costs, they can weave in and out of combat, conjuring both offense and defense from beyond.

3. Nord

Frozen Heart, Undying Spirit

While Nords are traditionally more warriors than wizards, their hardiness makes them an excellent choice for Stamina-based Necromancers. Their raw power combined with the dark arts is a sight to behold.

Key Benefits:

  • Stalwart: Increases maximum Stamina and grants damage reduction.
  • Rugged: Enhanced Physical and Spell Resistance.

Creative Gameplay: Think of a Nord Necromancer as an unyielding storm; powerful, relentless, and almost impossible to take down in solo and group play.

4. Khajiit

Silent Paws, Whispering Dead

Khajiit’s versatility in Magicka and Stamina makes them a wildcard pick for Necromancers. Their sneaky nature combined with necromantic arts can create some unique gameplay moments.

Key Benefits:

  • Cutpurse: Increases experience gain in Medium Armor and boosts all stealthy activities.
  • Feline Ambush: Enhances critical hit damage and healing.

Creative Gameplay: Ideal for players who love surprises. Combine the Khajiit’s stealth with the Necromancer’s unpredictable nature for some exciting ambush strategies.

The Verdict: The Ultimate Necromancer Race

While the races mentioned above have clear synergies with the Necromancer class, the beauty of ESO lies in its flexibility. No matter your choice, the game allows room for innovation, creativity, and personal touch.

However, for the players desiring the optimal experience, the High Elf (Altmer) stands tall due to its innate Magicka advantages. Their racial bonuses align perfectly with the Necromancer’s Magicka-heavy skills, making them the premier choice for those dedicated to mastering the class.

Remember: Your choice of race should resonate with your desired playstyle, lore preferences, and aesthetic desires. The path of the Necromancer is fraught with moral decisions and immense power. Whichever race you choose, the forces of life and death await your command. Happy adventuring in Tamriel!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can any race be an effective Necromancer in ESO?

Absolutely! While certain races offer innate synergies with the Necromancer’s abilities, ESO’s versatile gameplay allows any race to excel with the right build and playstyle. Focusing on your personal preferences and tailoring your Necromancer to suit your desired game experience is essential.

Are there any other classes with which these recommended races synergize well?

Definitely. For instance, High Elves (Altmer) synergize well with Sorcerers and Dragonknights due to their Magicka-based racial bonuses. Nords, conversely, can be excellent Tanks in classes like Dragonknights or Wardens, thanks to their durability. ESO’s diverse class and race combinations ensure every player can find their niche.

I’ve heard that Necromancer’s skills can get me into trouble in some cities. Is this true?

Yes, lore-wise, necromancy is frowned upon in many parts of Tamriel. Using specific Necromancer abilities before NPCs can attract guards’ attention and get you a bounty. Always be cautious about where and when you summon the dead!

How often should I revisit my race and class synergy as the game updates?

like many MMOs, ESO goes through balance changes and updates. It’s good practice to watch patch notes, especially if they mention racial or class adjustments. While race change tokens are available, it’s often more about adapting your playstyle and build than changing your race entirely.