Top 12 Solo Classes in WoW: Shadowlands

Solo Classes in WoW

World of Warcraft has been a game of vast choices and various play styles since its inception. As expansions come and go, some classes rise to the top regarding solo viability, especially in the Shadowlands expansion. If you’re a lone wolf in the expansive terrain of WoW, here are the top 12 classes you should consider for your solo journey.

1. Death Knight – Frost

Strength: Burst damage and self-sustain.

In the cold, echoing realms of Shadowlands, Frost Death Knights thrive. They boast remarkable burst damage, and their inherent ability to heal themselves makes them a top-tier solo choice.

2. Demon Hunter – Havoc

Strength: Mobility and rapid DPS.

Soaring through the skies and dishing out rapid damage, Havoc Demon Hunters are a force to be reckoned with. Their agility sets them apart, ensuring they always have the upper hand.

3. Druid – Balance

Strength: Flexibility and adaptability.

In the ever-changing dynamics of WoW, Balance Druids stand out. They can adapt to almost any situation, juggle between roles, and their strong ranged DPS ensures they stay ahead in the solo game.

4. Hunter – Beast Mastery

Strength: Strong pet synergy and consistent damage.

With their trusted companions by their side, Beast Mastery Hunters dominate solo content. Their pets tank, deal damage, and offer unparalleled companionship in the vast lands of Shadowlands.

5. Mage – Fire

Strength: Explosive DPS and crowd control.

Setting the world ablaze, Fire Mages are the masters of burst DPS. Their ability to control crowds and unleash devastating spells makes them a top pick for solo players.

6. Monk – Windwalker

Strength: Versatile combat and self-healing.

With a balance of powerful melee attacks and inherent self-healing capabilities, Windwalker Monks can stand their ground against any foe, making them a strong solo contenders.

7. Paladin – Retribution

Strength: Durability and self-sustain.

Walking the line between DPS and tank, Retribution Paladins are the ideals of resilience. Their ability to dish out damage while also healing themselves is unmatched.

8. Priest – Shadow

Strength: High damage and mind control.

Dwelling in the shadows, these priests have mastered the art of mental manipulation. Their DOT (damage over time) spells and mind control abilities give them a unique edge in solo play.

9. Rogue – Assassination

Strength: Stealth and burst damage.

Striking from the shadows, Assassination Rogues excel in picking off enemies individually. Their stealth gameplay and substantial single-target damage make them perfect for solo endeavors.

10. Shaman – Elemental

Strength: Ranged damage and versatility.

Harnessing the raw power of elements, Elemental Shamans unleash a barrage of spells from a distance. Their versatility in damage and healing ensures they stay ahead in solo content.

11. Warlock – Affliction

Strength: Sustained damage and pet synergy.

Affliction Warlocks command the dark arts, ensuring their enemies are always under a curse. Their pet companions and sustained damage output make them one of the best solo classes.

12. Warrior – Fury

Strength: Raw melee damage and resilience.

Fury Warriors deal significant melee damage with twin weapons and a burning rage. Their innate resilience and aggressive combat style make them a favorite among solo players.


While all classes have strengths and weaknesses, the ones listed above shine exceptionally bright in solo content during the Shadowlands expansion. Whether delving into Torghast’s tower, completing world quests, or exploring the Maw, these classes will ensure you’re always on top of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why isn’t [specific class] listed as a top solo class?

Every class in WoW: Shadowlands has its strengths, and the ones listed are highlighted based on their solo content viability, ease of gameplay, and adaptability. However, player skill and preference play a significant role, so choosing a class that aligns with your playstyle is essential.

How often do class rankings change with each expansion?

Class rankings and their strengths can change with each expansion, patch, or hotfix. Blizzard regularly updates the game to maintain balance. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on patch notes to stay updated with any changes to your chosen class.

Can any class be viable for solo play with the right gear and skills?

Absolutely! While some classes might have an inherent edge in solo content, with the right gear, talents, and player skill, any class can shine in solo scenarios. It’s all about understanding your class’s strengths and playing to them.

Are these rankings based on PvE, PvP, or both?

The rankings provided are primarily based on PvE content, considering factors like survivability, self-sustain, and damage output. However, many of these classes also perform well in PvP scenarios. Constantly tailor your talents and strategy based on the content you’re engaging in.